Our Services


Mike Dehghan has 39 years experience in construction. He has built hundreds of homes and commercial structures. He utilize state-of-the-art designs, materials, and technologies in his projects and he delivers on time and within budget.


Land development is a highly complex and multi-faceted activity. At Habitech Builders, we use the fundamentals of development and stick to the rules to guarantee success and achieve happiness for the developers, owners, and users.

We develop land from mega acre parcels to the smallest project. Our streamlined process ensures fast results and economically feasible projects.


When it comes to large-scale commercial projects, Habitech Builders has you covered. Offices, shopping centers, medical centers, and more; we can help you manage any and all commercial construction projects in Raleigh, NC.


Land development–while considerably lucrative–can be quite complex. If you’re facing an upcoming development project with a newly-purchased property and feeling a bit overwhelmed, rest assured that we are here for you. Here at Habitech Builders, we will help you successfully manage the construction process for your Raleigh land development project from start to finish.


Construction plays a crucial role in property management; general maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements are all things that require the expertise of our experienced Raleigh construction team.


While we are based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Habitech Builders is proud to offer comprehensive international construction services. We know that as an accomplished and ambitious professional, your business pursuits are not limited geographically. Thankfully, our construction services aren’t, either.


With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, Habitech Builders provides expert remodeling services for both residential and commercial projects.


Any real estate project requires proper funding. Our vast network allows us to tailor the right funding solution for any given project. We are able to offer Senior Loans, Mezzanine Loans, Preferred Equity Loans, Pure Equity Funds, Joint Venture Equity through direct investment, syndication, or EB-5 Financing.


We take great pride in design, quality and Prices of our homes with similar ones being constructed in the area. Please contact us for further information.